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Two Cars

Someone parked his car in front of RPC, just beside my car.

Patient: “Wah, your doctor has two cars ar?”

RPCN: “Yes. The red one he drives when coming to work. The silver one he drives when going home. Everyday the same.”

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Kommies on the loose!

A local group of Net users comes of age By AHMAD SAYUTHI Features, In-Tech, The Star. Page 25.Tuesday, June 11th, 2002. You can pretend to be anyone you like on the Internet and no one knows if you’re actually a dog. That’s one of the Internet’s most famous truisms, and no wonder … it’s true…

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Happy New Year 2023

1st day of new year 2023… Doc: *start car* Car: *display current date 1.01* Doc: “Niama… Battery kaput or what?” RPCN: “Huh?” Doc: “My car computer reset itself. See the date? It is showing January 1st…” RPCN: “But today is the first day of new year, what? Of course it is first of January la!”…

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Grass Cutter Filament

An Ah Pek visited RPC for a blood pressure reading a month ago. He just bought a bunch of plastic filaments to use with his grass cutter. I only requested for one filament and did not charge him anything. My super cheap bottled water pump finally showed up a few days ago. Sadly, the quality…

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Sudden Increase in Blood Pressure

Subject began using antihypertensive medication over a decade ago. He has been following the doctor’s orders without fail and even just purchased an electronic sphygmomanometer to check his blood pressure on a regular basis. He now enjoys the sport of marathon running as a hobby as well. His BP has been consistently around 140/80 mmHg…

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