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狂風掃葉 葉落歸根


Ribena Grape Juice
50ml ribena concentrate
200ml cold water
160g Tarami grape jelly

White Peach Rose Syrup
50ml F&N rose syrup
200ml water
160g Japanese Tarami white peach jelly

Sirap Limau Ais
50ml F&N rose syrup
200ml water
100ml Bundaberg lemonade

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When I posted this photo, it was said that this combination was only available during Chinese New Year. Indeed, it was such a luxury in the 80s, its metal container being the go-to choice for storing sewing kits. Kjeldsen is still my favourite these days. But it is difficult to get a can without many…

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Mak’s Chee

It is always a pity that younger generation of Malaysians do not and can not appreciate the springy nature of actual wanton noodle. So much so that the Sai Yong Wanton Noodle stall had so much bad reviews that its noodle was like rubber band that eventually it has closed down. This Mak’s Chee Hong…

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Pork Lard Nasi Lemak

Pork nasi lemak? Move over!!! Here comes pork LARD nasi lemak! With crackling skin siu yuk!!! Hari ini makan, hari ini masok IJN! Lax lax 1U

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Kanbe Ramen

Ever wonder there is a place where you eat one time scare one time, but 6 months down the road your jinkak mouth fatt zhok again and you go back and join the long queue again. Outside stand and queue, after getting inside sit and queue summore! Inside very noisy, not because of customers and…

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