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CSF Rhinorrhoea

Patient: Doc, I have CSF rhinorrhoea.

Doc: Eh? What makes you think so?

Patient: I have clear watery fluid running out of my right nostril ma… So I asked ChatGPT lor. It told me I have CSF rhinorrhoea.

Doc: I see… You banged your head izzit?

Patient: No lah, I am not crazy! ChatGPT said one.

Doc: Any blood?

Patient: No. Just clear fluid, like water.

Doc: Damn, it is still leaking… Here, take this tissue and stuff it up your nostril. I am going to give you some medicine.

Patient: What about my CSF rhinorrhoea?

Doc: Not CSF rhinorrhoea la. Your brain masuk air liao, after all the air mengalir keluar then you will be okay again.

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