Ribut Petir

Ribut petir `serang’ Malaysia malam ini!

Rkaru : Goodie! Been meaning to weather-test my new tent. I think I’ll set it up and test the rain-proofiness.

Tonight in a durian farm somewhere in Raub…

Scrappy : *woof woof… grrr…


Kai Hong : ‘Sup, Scrappy?

Scrappy : *woof woof… grrr…

Kai Hong : *yawn… Okay okay, let me get my lastik and have a look…

Rkaru : Ouch ouch ouch…

Kai Hong : Oh, it’s you, Rkaru, what brought you here in the middle of the night? You have my durians sticking all over your behind!

Rkaru : Dunno man… I was setting up my tent and suddenly I thought my RIS/TC machine went bonkers again…

Kai Hong : Is that a hang-glider behind you?

Rkaru : No. That was the tent I was supposed to be testing just now.

3 responses to “Ribut Petir”

  1. Meanwhile…

    Kai Hong: “Rkaru, do you need a ladder to get down from that 100 year old durian tree?

    Rkaru: “It’s okay. My tent is multi purpose. Can double up as a hammock. And in times of emergencies as this, can be a parachute too. I’ll just grab here, and here… And off I goooo….”

    Just then Storm 2.0 happened.


    “Oh shit! I’m back in KL! And that Honda Civic looks familiar. And I’m coming down hard. No brakes!”


    “Doc’s gonna kill me.”

  2. Polis at Jalan Ipoh reporting to Bukit Aman

    ” Terdapat seorang lelaki sedang mengkokkek sebuah Honda Civic
    cara doggie style di Jalan Ipoh , minta bantuan dan arahan seterusnya..
    sarung lelaki tersebut sudah terjatuh di atas jalan ! Windows Vista !!! ”

    Bukit Aman” Tembak !! Tembak !! ”

    Polis, “Mata aku !!! Mata aku !!! Mata aku !!! “

  3. Rkaru : Alamak!!! Jialat!!! Lucky my tent is also bullet proof!

    Polis : There is a walking tent moving on Jalan Kuching towards town center! It is not slowing down! Dah habis peluru! Request back up and further instruction!

    Bukit Aman : Okay, sending backup now. Two helicopters en-route. ETA 5 minutes.


    Storm 3.0 happens…

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