Maxis Free Data 1GB/day

Since MCO, many telcos are offering free data. Maxis is also offering 1GB/day for my account. But instead of offering automatically, user needs to redeem it daily, manually, via their app. Many say they are not sincere in this offer.

Several weeks ago, they moved the selection from the top to the bottom. Thus if you are already used to the routine of clicking the choice at the top to redeem the daily 1GB free data, you are likely to click the wrong choice and ended up paying for something that you didn’t want. However, I think they received much complaints and refund requests that they reverted to the older arrangement the next day.

Today, they did another stunt again. They buried the choice into the What’s Hot section in their app.

Why not make it a quest? Answer a random daily IQ question and only if you get it right will you be entitled the 1GB free data for that day? You will in the process, educate your users too.

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