Land of the Amoebas

Once upon a time in a foreign land far, far away, where the organisms speak a very funny language, Dr Liew Skywalker first ventured into the realm of medicine as an intern (trainee)…

It was a sweltering afternoon with probably nine suns in the sky. Around a hundred amoebas were waiting in line at the Reproductive and Entertainment clinic to get their reproductive organs or entertainment organs fixed.

Emperor Palpatine was our Reproductive and Entertainment professor. Working too long in R&E tends to reverse one’s sexual hormones. Prof EP’s hand gestures, which resembled those of Ah Kuas in the Peking Opera, were probably due to an overabundance of oestrogen and progesterone in his body. The worst part is that, instead of fluctuating on a monthly basis, his hormone levels change hourly. As a result, he has PMS every hour. Urghhh!

He had a nurse who looked like Jabba the Hutt. Jabba the nurse also underwent a hormonal reversal. Instead, she had an overabundance of testosterone, which caused her to develop a moustache and deepen her voice. I also believe I spotted Adam’s apple on her neck!

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