Patient: “Doc, you told me to get a blood pressure monitor.”

Dr Liew: “That’s right.”

Patient: “You told me to measure my blood pressure three times a day for a week.”

Dr Liew: “That’s right.”

Patient: “But I can’t. I have a problem.”

Dr Liew: “And what problem might it be?”

Patient: “I think I have phobia towards the machine. I get anxious every time I use it. When I am anxious, my blood pressure will shoot up!”

Dr Liew: “Use it often enough and you will overcome your phobia.”

Patient: “Are you sure?”

Dr Liew: “If you see a ghost, you will be afraid because you are not used to it. But if you see ghosts all the time, you will get used to them and won’t be afraid anymore.”

Patient: “What the…” 🤦‍♂️

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