Idiot and my Lunch

I tell you also you won’t believe.

Where got people buy mix-rice (chap-fan or rice with dishes of your choice) and came back with two egg dishes, one meat and no vegetable one?!?!

  1. Steam egg (egg+water steamed to solid)
  2. Sweet and sour pork chop
  3. Onion omelette
  4. Rice

Dr. Liew : “What the… Two egg dishes?!?!”

RPCN : “Eh? That one not toufu (bean curd) meh?”

Dr. Liew : “Toufu? Your brain ler, made of toufu.”

RPCN : “Ehehehe… Soli soli…”

Dr. Liew : “Where’s vege?”

RPCN : “That one onion inside the omelette, vege also, wut?”

Dr. Liew : *foaming from mouth and nostrils*

*August 29, 2003

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