Sudden Increase in Blood Pressure

Subject began using antihypertensive medication over a decade ago. He has been following the doctor’s orders without fail and even just purchased an electronic sphygmomanometer to check his blood pressure on a regular basis. He now enjoys the sport of marathon running as a hobby as well.

His BP has been consistently around 140/80 mmHg up until yesterday, with the diastolic reading dropping to a low of 53 mmHg just last week.

Today, though, the monitor showed a shocking reading of 178/105 mmHg, and he was taken aback. The results of repeated measurements were virtually identical. He was so worried that he hurried to RPC.

Upon enquiry, a recent consumption of self-prepared herbal chicken soup became a prime suspect.

Subject was advised to forego his participation in an upcoming marathon and to keep a close eye on his BP readings for the next 48 to 72 hours.

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