The Kaypoh Resident

It was a quiet night at the luxurious condo building, but that peace was shattered by a gang of robbers who made their way into the lobby. The security guard on duty quickly realized that they were there to rob the building, but it was too late. The robbers were already inside and the guard was outnumbered.

As the robbers went about their business of looting the building, the security guard frantically tried to find a way to alert the authorities. But he was subdued by one of the robbers, who hit him on the head with a blunt object, rendering him unconscious.

The robbers quickly completed their mission and fled the building. When the police arrived, they found the security guard lying on the floor, injured but alive. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

As the police investigated the incident, they soon realized that the robbers had been able to gain access to the building due to a security risk – a stationary stool in the lobby. This stool had been placed there by a resident who had felt sorry for the security guard and wanted to make his shift more comfortable.

However, this well-intentioned act turned out to be a major security breach, as the robbers had used the presence of the stationary stool as a signal that the security guard was not patrolling, making it easier for them to enter the building.

The blame for the security breach fell squarely on the shoulders of the resident who had placed the stool in the lobby. The condo management blamed the resident for the security lapse and demanded that he pay for the damages caused by the robbery.

The resident, who had acted out of kindness, was devastated by the turn of events. He had never intended for his actions to result in harm to the building or its residents. But he realized too late that even small gestures can have unintended consequences.

The incident served as a harsh reminder that security is everyone’s responsibility, and that even seemingly small acts can have far-reaching consequences. The resident was left to ponder the cost of his goodwill, while the condo building was left to pick up the pieces after the robbery.

by ChatGPT

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