Hock Choon Kee Ulu Yam Lor Mee

Drove around an hour to this place for Ulu Yam Lor Mee. Finally arrived at the ‘lor mee street’ with many other ‘lor mee shops’. But I wanted to try this so called ‘inventor of lor mee’ shop. Rainy day (drizzle), cold weather at 25 degree Celsius. The only customers, easy parking. Ordered lor mee, fish cake, lor bak. Drinks not very attractive so didn’t order. Ah Pek put down his cigarette and went into kitchen. 10 minutes later out came the dishes.

Lor mee good consistency. Not bouncy. Not too lembik. Vineger pre-added already but they have ‘recommended original vineger’ on table should you need more. Other ingredients like green vegetables kinda overcooked and scanty. Two small size prawns. Didn’t find any other meat like chicken or pork slices. Didn’t find any fried pork lard. Broth acceptable and not salty, in fact, a little bland for my taste. Didn’t try their chili paste nor cili-in-kicap. Pretty sure no MSG.

Fish cake and lor bak: Down to earth, basic taste, nothing extra. Tomato sauce given but I prefer original taste.

Verdict: If you are those ‘go-back-in-time’ kind of person, this is recommended and I think is quite believable. But if you are craving for stronger taste, go elsewhere. But at least give it a try once.

PS: There is an orchid farm nearby, The World of Phalaenopsis. Inside got cafe can eat cake, spaghetti, drink coffee and blow water. Other nearby attractions mostly muddy places like tracking trails, watefalls etc if they are your cup of tea.

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