Baskin Robbins

It’s 31st today.

A week ago…

doc : “Listen up! A few more days and it will be the 31st of the month.”

RPCNs : “So? You didn’t ask us to inform you that it was 29th of the month last month also, which occurs every 4 years.”

doc : “Shut up and let me finish!”

RPCNs : “…”

doc : “I want to buy ice cream.”

RPCNs : “31st… Hmmm… Baskin Robbins? 31% discount?”

doc : “Clever girls.”

RPCNs : “Yay!!! But why always on 31st only?”

doc : “You see their logo. Can you see the pink figure 31? 31st, 31% discount.”


RPCNs : “Oh doc you are so clever!” *muacks muacks*


RPCNs : “doc! It’s Baskin Robbins’ day today! We all skipped dinner and supper yesterday and breakfast this morning. Oh we are so hungweee now~~~”

doc : “But I did not say I am going to belanja you all, did I?”

RPCNs : “WTF doc?!?!?!”

doc : “Kakakakaka! Just kidding! Grab my briefcase, wallet, car key and close the door now now NOW!!! Let’s go get ais krim!!!”

RPCNs : “Yay!!!” *scramble scramble*

At Baskin Robbins…

doc : “Majiam mana juai?” [How do you sell them?]

Mat Ais Krim : “Kami ada pint, quart, setengah gallon.” [We have pint, quart and half-gallon.]

fresh packs.jpg

doc : “Kasi yang terbesar.” [Give me the biggest.]

Mat Ais Krim : “Boleh pilih rasa.” [You can choose your flavour.]

RPCNs : *whip out a piece of paper containing 101 types of flavour*

Mat Ais Krim : “Boleh pilih empat saje. Pint pilih dua, Quart pilih tiga, Setengah Gallon pilih empat.” [You can choose 4 types only. You can choose 2 fot pint, 3 for quart, and 4 for half-a-gallon.]

RPCNs : “Aiseh man~~~ Now you tell us!!! Let us decide~~~” *scramble scramble* *grumble grumble*

10 minutes gone by…

RPCNs : “This one good lar… No no no, this one better! This one last time I ate liao… This one must! Hey, I more senior I decide! No no no you all wrong, doc likes this flavour! Fuck doc and his favourite flavour, I want this! Oi oi oi not so loud! He heard liao!!!”

doc : “That’s it! Kasi saya Gold Medal Ribbon, Pralines N Cream, Butter Pecan Fudge, Caramel Turtle Truffle.”

RPCNs : “See lah! See lah! He heard you fuck him liao! Damn you!!!”

Mat Ais Krim : “Ini dia, Tuan Doktor.” [Here you go, Doctor.]

doc : “Terima kasih. Kasi lebih dry-ice ke, ais kering ke… Saya mau main.” [Thank you. Give me more dry-ice. I would like to play with them.]

Mat Ais Krim : “Okay.”

RPCNs : “But we are still choosing flavour!”

doc : “UP. CAR. NOW!”

RPCNs : *pout pout pout*

Back at RPC…


doc : *scoop scoop scoop* “Oh My Myself! It’s heaven eating off the whole tub!”

RPCNs : *drooling* “doc, you are licking the spoon that you are using to scoop the ice cream.”

doc : “So?”

RPCNs : “Your saliva is infecting the whole tub…”

doc : “Uhuh…” *slurp slurp slurp*

RPCNs : “Can we have some now?”

doc : “Sure. Go ahead.”

RPCNs : “Yay! Thanks doc!!!” *scoop scoop scoop*

doc : “Mein Gott Im Himmel! It’s not even the seventh lunar month yet!”

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