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  1. I posted on my Facebook on 27 March:

    三字经 – A New Translation

    I was going through my old hard disk and found the archives of Dr. Liew’s blog called Hurricane.

    In those days before smartphone, and I had to be away for work during the week when I did not have Internet access, I saved web pages while at home for reading later. Hurricane was one of those web pages.

    Hurricane contained some interesting blogs about Dr. Liew’s life while studying medicine in Manipal, India, and his medical practice later. He later took his blog off the internet when the government started calling on him for some blogs that the government deemed undesirable.

    The following was taken from one of his blogs in April 2005. It is a new and twisted translation of 三字经, the Three Character Classic, which was used as primer in Chinese education in the old days. As you will see, this translation is obviously not what the text is meant to be, but it is not entirely wrong either. It plays on the multiple meanings of Chinese characters, making the translation really hilarious. Enjoy!

    When you’re young,
    Sex is good.
    Sex is nearly same,
    Only habit different.

    Then on 30 March I added the following comment:

    Wow, really panjang umur. Just found out this Dr. Liew decided to blog again starting today, after a hiatus of exactly 10 years.

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