A 65 years old virgin

A 65 years old Malay lady came to see me today. She had a fall yesterday night at home and knocked her head against the corner of a table. Except for some bleeding yesterday, she is otherwise okay.

She went to a government clinic nearby to seek treatment, hoping to only pay one ringgit for it. But unfortunately, she was disappointed to find it closed.

She then came to see me.

I attended to the wound on her forehead and found that it was just a shallow scratch. I cleaned up the bloodstain on her nose and around her eyes and glued the small wound shut.

She then told me she hasn’t received any COVID vaccine yet and asked me what she should do.

I was surprised when she fished out a phone from her bag. It is an old Huawei Y5. A few dozens of messages flooded its screen upon turning it on.

Her MySejahtera app was so outdated and nothing has been registered. I couldn’t even register her on the app. I needed to update it.

While waiting for the app to update, I registered her with my PC at the MySejahtera website. After retrieving the OTP from the SMS on her phone and setting up her password, it was done.

After the update, I could then log her into the app. After filling out her information, it was time to get her an appointment. I chose Pfizer (adult) for her and was immediately given an appointment for tomorrow at another private clinic near mine.

I am worried that she might default on her appointment. I have to do something to make sure she gets it. I called up the clinic and talked to the doctor. He is an old classmate of mine back in my university days. He told me to send her to him immediately.

I hailed a GrabCar for her out of my own Grab account to send her for immediate vaccination.

Before leaving, she asked me how much she had to pay me. I told her nothing.

She broke down in tears, crying and shaking.

I hope she will vote for me as the Prime Minister of Malaysia in the coming general election.

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