Copying CDRs and DVDRs

I have in my possession two bags of CDRs and DVDRs, roughly 200 discs each and 400 in total. Fellow comrades have remarked that we all have been cheated. I have been warned of read failures and corrupted sectors.

While most of the CDRs have been successful, a few of them did fail. But overall, I think I have not lost much important files as I have backed up the more important ones more than once into multiple discs.

Most of my failed CDRs have sticky painted disc label instead of a frosted surface. The plastic side of the sleeve pockets has become stuck to the painted label and while being lifted, it carried with it the painted label along with the laser layer underneath.

The relatively newer DVDRs have frosted surface and don’t stick to the plastic sleeve, hence getting peeled off is not a problem at all.

I have read that a DVDR of good quality can last for 200 years. Mine are barely 10% of the promised duration.

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