HDD Failure

Having copied around 200 discs into each of my two HDDs, it is time to see if I can access them on my Android tablet.

Please note that both the HDDs contain the exact same files with each other, and both have exFAT file system.

So I brought one home and plugged it into a dongle that is attached to my Android tablet. Native Samsung My Files app couldn’t find it. ES File Explorer did find something and there was a rotating ring reading 0% constantly.

Disappointed, I unplugged the HDD and called it a day.

The next day, I plugged that HDD back into my PC. It didn’t show up on Windows Explorer. Digging further, it says ‘volume information for this disk cannot be found’ and also ‘the request failed due to fatal device hardware error’ when trying to initialize the disk.

Thus I have requested for warranty claim for this HDD after I have gotten another new 5TB HDD, again.

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