Perforated Tympanic Membrane (part 3)

Let us return to the elderly woman…

“I went to the pharmacy. They told me I have an ear infection, so they gave me some ear drops, told me it’s antibiotics. I followed their instructions, but it didn’t work.” She sighed.

“So I went back to them again, telling them it had failed to work. And they said my ear shit got stuck. They gave me another type of ear drops to dissolve my ear shit. But it was so damn painful to my ear! But it was so excruciatingly painful to my ears! As if even my brain was aching!” She sighed out louder and longer.

“Hahaha! Don’t worry, I know what had been bothering you. And I am glad that you have finally decided to see me.” I connected my wireless otoscope to my phone after pulling it out of my desk drawer.

“Oh my goodness! What’s the matter?” She trembled a little.

“Nothing major. To be sure, I’ll take a closer look. Turn around.” I commanded.

I then inserted my otoscope into her right ear… *click click click* Photos taken.

“Look at these images. As suspected, you have a small hole in your eardrum.” I pointed out the hole on my screen.

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