Looking for a new laptop

I have two old laptops: A Sony VAIO F series and a Lenovo Flex 2-15. Both are old enough to warrant a new one. Sony has maxed out at 8GB RAM and Lenovo, though with 16GB RAM, is sluggish as fuck, possibly due to its inferior processor.

Sony, being my main laptop, has served me well. Its condition is almost miserable now, with the entire rubber pad at the armrest degraded enough to be lifted off with ease.

Lenovo, on the other hand, has been my fallback laptop, which I barely use. I had added two extra screens to it but still find it unappealing. The time it takes to attain a stabilised state is agonisingly slow, slower than that of Sony.

Thus, the hunt began.

I already have a Samsung S7FE tablet, and am quite comfortable with its Samsung DeX interface. But it is still an Android. I look forward to Windows; its Surface line was under my consideration.

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