The hunt

Was strolling around a local mall nearby when I stumbled across a shop. I told the boss I wanted an ultra-light Windows. He introduced me to the 1.4kg:

I was sold almost immediately by its bells and whistles. In addition, Asus is quite reputable for its quality compared to Dell, and probably better than Surface, what with its ZenVision.

I’m disappointed that a stylus isn’t included. I persuade myself that I don’t require a stylus.

Told the boss to reserve one for me. I told him I wanted the highest specs, he told me to return on Monday for an i7.

I returned on Thursday and he told me the new stock have all been sold out.

I then instructed him to fly a kite and went forward to hunt for one online. Found a store. 2 hours later, it arrived at my doorstep.

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