Irgotech Portable Monitor

Gotten an Irgotech 15.6″ portable monitor for use with Samsung Dex.

Being a 4K UHD display, it runs well with Samsung Dex, attaining a resolution of 2560 x 1440 but not the maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440. Rumour is that Samsung Dex maybe able to support 4K in the near future.

It comes with touch screen function as well as a stylus, both functional under Samsung Dex. On top of that, its microUSB port can accomodate a multi-USB dock for other accessories like external keyboard, mouse and gamepad.

With its stylus being an MPP (Microsoft Pen Protocol) stylus, it works with my Asus Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition which came without a stylus. You need to pair them through Bluetooth and the stylus is powered by an AAAA battery. When connected to the laptop via both HDMI and USB-C-to-C cable, the stylus works on both.

When properly connected, its USB-C port will keep your phone charged. But I would suggest a more powerful USB PD power supply instead of the one being supplied (15W/18W) for it runs really hot.

And by ‘properly connected’, the monitor has to be fully charged and plugged before it is connected to the phone. Else Samsung Dex can only run at FHD (1920 x 1080), and the charging function and microUSB port won’t work. The phone will only lose its charges rapidly trying to charge the onboard battery of the monitor.

By the way, the instruction booklet that came with the monitor refers to it as a ‘Lumonitor’.

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