The Sinking Chair

Today at the RPC…

Patient: “Doc, you are getting shorter.”

Doc: “Who? Me?”

Patient: “Yes. When I first sat down, your were looking at my eyes. Now you are looking at my breasts.”

RPCN: “Doc, I think your chair is sinking.”

Doc: “Oh damn… This chair cost me almost a hundred bucks. From Ikea summore!”

RPCN: “That was fifteen years ago. Time to change to a new one.”

Doc: “Oh no! I will miss my fifteen years of old mud on this chair! Let me repair it first. Get me a pair of chopsticks and some zip ties.”

Doc: “Tada! It is as good as new again!”

RPCN: “Are you sure it can hold? Is it safe?”

Doc: “Trust me, I am an engineer.”

RPCN: “No, you are not. You are just a doctor.”

Later in the evening…

RPCN: “Doc, you are sinking again.”

Doc: “Eh? Let me check what has happened.”

Doc: “I know what happened. The pair of chopsticks have pierced through between the plastic sleeve and the metal column.”

RPCN: “Get a new one la!”

Doc: “When we are free to go shopping again la. Now I need to repair it. Help me flip it over. I need to disassemble the hydraulic column from the base and prop the chair up with something else.”

RPCN: “Are you sure you know how to do it?”

Doc: “Trust me. I am an engineer.”

RPCN: *groan* *roll eyes*

Doc: “Chisel! … Hammer! … Oi oi oi! Shine the light here! … Wipe sweat!”

RPCN: *kick* “Wipe your head!”

Doc: “Now pass me my dumbbell.”

RPCN: “What are you going to do? Are you going to destroy the chair with the dumbbell?”

Doc: “We shall see…”

Doc: “Tada~~~!!!”

RPCN: “What the hell?!?!?!” *pengsong*

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