Satay Haji Samuri

Yesterday up car, today again up car.

Yesterday bought some Cina jiken skewers from local fair. Disappointed.

So today went on GrabFood to order Satay Ude Warisan. Closed.

So instead I ordered satay from Hj Samuri. Wah piang delivery RM9. Lucky got diskaun 20% equal RM11.

Told bos want bawang. Boss messaged RM0.50 per pack of bawang. Told boss add RM2. Rider abang said boss minta extra, I reassure him I will pay cash. Note to self: next time minta RM1 enough.


Mana ada orang mia satay so tebal one? You think jiken breast from KFC meh? Meat not enuf marinate la, juice never reach center!

Best satay is thin meat 2 pieces with jiken skin in middle. Itu minyak ayam baru sedap ma. Bakar until almost crispy with a little bit charcoal.

And the kuah… Damn Ah Kua… No oomph at all.

The ketupat is foot-long though, for my order of ayam double for RM50+.

Really disappointed.

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