Tak Fok

Wah piang eh, today suddenly wanna crap, I mean ‘eat crab’. Cari-cari tiba-tiba terjumpa got RM58 for two craps, and extra. But the restroom, I mean restaurant, open 6pm one. So 5pm I already start car, jam till there ngam-ngam buka.

Place is Tak Fok, literally means no fornicate. But I go there eat one, other activity not interested. Big sign in front of shop, second place in 2022 by Taste Institute. But Chinese words say it is Michelin of the food world, meaning it has nothing to do with Michelin la. Terkejut sekejap.

At first I damn sked the offer is no more. Coz the menu didn’t mention anything about the RM58 set. But lucky abang waiter said to scan the QR code on table then baru jumpa. Actually he used his phone to scan for me, ordered for me too.

You can choose the flavour for your crap; other stuffs are standard. Drink extra. 2 craps, M size, total 500g. I chose Typhoon Shelter flavour, coz since last time Causeway Bay Spicy Crab at Desa Sri Hartamas let me eat until zuplup, I still damn rindu. Comes with 2 pieces of fried crap cakes, 1 crap soup and 1 crap flied lice.

2 crabs mean got 4 claws, yay! Didn’t bring my dissection instruments for crab post mortem this time. But since they are M size, means the shell quite thin, can use teeth. But don’t tell my dentist, she will scream. Last time she saw my chipped tooth she screamed “What crap have you been biting?!?!?!”


Fried crap cakes: Can eat one. But the Thai Green sauce damn kiamsiap. I think they give 1 teaspoon only. Jilat sekali sudah botak.

Crap flied lice: Good. A little weird taste for me but good wok-hey, the lice satu biji satu biji one, got lapcheong bits summore. Good.

Crap soup: Hello, dun expect shark fin la. RM58 only. Smooth and thick enough but still got stuffs to chew. Again, good.

Now the crap: If I haven’t tasted the Causeway Bay one, I would give it 7/10. But I cannot now, devirginised oledi, so, 3/10. Maybe Typhoon Shelter Crab has a lot of cooking method, but this one is a little disappointing.

But it is not really all that bad la. For M size crabs, this shop ones really meaty; unlike some other shops, lick shell only. Don’t expect the meat to be very firm, that one you can find only in XXL old craps.

Next time I might return for the hamdan (salted egg) version, or maybe I go “Delay No More Crab” at Hartamas Shopping Center see got good hais, I mean crabs, anot.

Okay, this time got take photos. See if I can find my old photos on the REAL Typhoon Shelter Crab, shall post old photos in comment.

PS: Please blame auto-collect for the ejaans.

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